Our Values

  • Customers

    Customer satisfaction is a personal concern and we are committed to providing superior value products, in accordance with our customers' identified needs.

  • Management Style

    We will maintain a management style, which is flexible and never bureaucratic.

  • People

    We respect the dignity of our people, provide them with equal opportunities, recognise their merit, encourage their development and compensate them fairly in accordance with their output and effectiveness.

  • Products

    We produce and sell products that are affordable, using up-to-date technology and production facilities, maintaining high standards of quality and cost-effective production skills.

  • Excellence must be a way of life

    We want Nulaid to be known for its excellence. Every task in our business will therefore be performed in a superior manner and to the best of our ability

  • Communication

    We will communicate regularly and effectively with our customers, shareholders and our people.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be recognised as the national supplier of quality shell eggs and liquid egg products in such a way that satisfies the needs of our customers and their clients.