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30 November 2021

On 28 November 2021, a program was aired on television about conditions at the Hekpoort egg layer farm. In light of the image that was presented during this program Nulaid would like to make the following statement:

During November numerous complaints were received from neighbours of the Hekpoort farm regarding an increase in fly activity in the area.

Our Hekpoort egg farm has been in operation for more than 30 years and although it is not a modern automated facility, it operates within all the applicable laws and practices. We do recognise that from time-to-time matters may go wrong on a farm, but if that happens appropriate action is always taken.

We have policies and procedures in place to record and document the accepted husbandry practices on our farms. To ensure that we adhere to these policies and procedures, audits by both employees of Quantum Foods and consulting veterinarians are conducted. Feedback and reports are given to senior management and the relevant executive to action.

After receiving the complaints, we took the following actions:

  • Internal Audit (17 November 2021).
  • A significant customer conducted a supplier visit (23 November 2021).
  • The NSPCA conducted a farm visit (24 November 2021).
  • Inspection by consulting veterinarian and independent fly expert (25 November 2021).
  • The Department of Health & Social Development (West Rand District Municipality) visited the farm (29 November 2021).

Not one of these visits/audits highlighted any significant deviation from our practices and procedures.

General housekeeping and husbandry were found to be in accordance with the required standards.

Egg laying farms are a livestock operation and flies do occur from time to time. They are inherent in such operations. To address these issues, Quantum Foods has a detailed pest control program that is rigorously followed on all its farms.

All layer hens are kept within the code of practice from the South African Poultry Association (SAPA).

Veterinary audits are done on all Quantum Foods farms to ensure compliance with a variety of animal welfare, biosecurity, and pest control issues.

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